Room acoustics are beneficial in many rooms whether it be within your home, workplace or in schools, halls and theatres. Lignotrend acoustic light absoroption panels reduce echoes within large open-planned spaces as the panels absorb and reduce reverberation to create a smoother, stress-free environment.

There are many benefits to using the natural panels, which are certified by ‘natureplus’. This confirms the panels are toxic-free, sustainable and ecological meaning they are suitable for any wall or ceiling within your building as well as reducing background noise.

Installing Lignotrend greatly reduces the reverberation time, which is a common problem in large room such as sports halls and open spaced offices. Sound absorption materials are used within walls and ceilings to reduce the reflection of airborne noises (people talking and TV noise) and so the sounds will quickly disappear.

As well as reduction in echo, room acoustics allows for clearier speech. We all know how difficult it can be to speak in a room which echoes after every noise, which usually results in speaking louder, than the noise becoming louder and more distracting. With the correct placement of acoustic absorption materials, they ensure sounds do not bounce all around the room, making speech more clearly at a steady volume.

Room acoustic products, such as Lignotrend are durable and breathable products, which is why the panels are suitable for areas such as sports halls. The panels have been tested to withstand impact from balls during sports activities, and overtime the panels can be painted over or sanded, which will not affect their absorption characteristics. The panels also help to regulate internal atmospheres; the surface design on the wood fibre backing and natural timber can absorb humidity and water vapour from a room and release again when the air becomes too dry.

Lignotrend acoustic panels are available from leading distributors Acara Concepts, who distribute the panels throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as offering Soundproofing and wood fibre insulation. Acara Concepts offer both technical and installation advice to a number of trades including construction and architects as well as to the general public. To speak to one of the expert team members today, visit