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We only allow web sites or information from people living and working in Gosforth, part of the postcode NE3.

Gosforth Listing

If you have a NE3 postcode we charge one off fee of £25 for listing, this includes

  • Title (Name of Business)
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Telephone or Mobile
  • Short description of your business (25 words)

Add a logo or image 200 pixels wide by 100 pixel high, this is an extra fee of £10.00 (one off)

None Gosforth Business

If you business is outside Gosforth (NE3 postcode) a listing is extra £45 (one off fee)

Add a logo or image extra fee of £10.00 (one off)

Top of page

If you wish to be top of page we charge £30.00 per month.

Change or Update Your Listing

If you would like to change or update your listing we change a small admin fee of £10.00

Nofollow Web Address Listings

All links from Gosforth Life are nofollow, these are link of links Google likes, they are good links and will protect your Google rankings.

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