Aero Networks offer a range of cloud services in the North East, to businesses all over the UK. Aero have worked with a range of clients from a broad range of industries such as manufacturing, legal sectors and health industries.

Large businesses, or businesses which store a large amount of sensitive information, are often worried about threats of security breaches, viruses and any other data corruptions. Aero Networks offer cloud backup in the North East, which is a reliable, safe cloud storage solution, allowing for disaster recovery solutions to help to protect your business in the event you find a breach has taken place within your system.

Online Data Backup provides an automated backup strategy across multiple operating systems and applications, you have the ability to restore single files or entire applications, so your data is available whenever you need it.

Hosted Exchange Email can enable you and your staff to access professional emails, contacts and calendars wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection, allowing you and your employee’s easy access from the office, home or when you’re on the move.

Cloud File Storage will provide you with a secure cloud based storage facility to share files and folders across multiple locations. By using this service your team can collaborate between all locations, without the need for multiple file servers.

Cloud Telecoms will enable you to improve both the productivity of your staff and also the level of collaboration across your entire organisation. This service also gives you the ability to deliver business phone extensions to any employee in any location.

Throughout all our cloud services North East a reliable internet connection is needed. The product range does give your business the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently, making your team more competent as long as you have a strong connection.

Aero’s cloud service in the North East are managed and supported by a dedicated helpdesk team, who are easily accessible and always aim for a quick response time to any queries, removing the need to worry about your businesses IT services.

We offer services across the North East, including Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Gateshead, for more information visit our website at or find us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Content Supplied by Millie Forster