Not only is tiling your bathroom expensive, its bloody hard work too. Unless you’re prepared to fork out for a tradesman, you could be left with a right mess on your hands.

A high price point isn’t the only downside to tiling your bathroom either; grout upkeep and maintenance is a lifelong concern, and frequent discolouring can also be a major problem.

Surely there’s a better way? At Décor Cladding Centre, there is. Cladding in its original form was only ever associated with more commercial applications, and was generally only available in the simplest of colours. Nowadays, the industry has advance hugely, and bathroom cladding has become a very trendy alternative to both tiling and paintwork.

From a hygiene perspective, it’s possibly one of the cleanest solutions going, as there’s no grout to deal with and products are fully waterproof. Wall cladding also acts as an insulation mechanism for the room it’s used in, and many products are even fire rated.

Available in a vast array of colours, finishes and effects, some cladding products even mimic the appearance of tiles, without the associated hassle. The Dumapan Stone range offers a selection of stunningly finished cladding products that look like large stone tiles, in colours such as Marble Grey, White Ash and Grigio Grande. If you’re looking for something even more unique, the Decorwall Elegance Range offers a selection of cladding products in styles like mosaic, wood grain, marble and mineral.

Cladding is incredibly easy to install, and is generally much cheaper than tile alternatives. You can also purchase a great selection of trims and accessories from, like skirting, end caps, tape and Cladseal kits.

One of the more popular bathroom cladding ranges from Décor Cladding Centre is the Sparkle range, very popular in nightclubs, restaurants and of course, bathrooms! With a light metallic shard finish, available in white, black, or platinum, this selection can transform any wall in your home into a statement. With a gloss finish and flush fitting, this wall cladding product will fit seamlessly into your home quickly and easily, and is incredibly easy to install.

Forget tiling, and head down to the Décor Cladding Showroom on the Drum Industrial Estate in Chester-le-Street today. If you’d prefer to browse the full catalogue of products available from the comfort of your own home, then visit