Part of Auction House UK Ltd, Auction House North East offer property and land auctions throughout Newcastle, Sunderland and Cumbria. Auction House North East’s main aim is to provide a network both locally and nationally to independent auctioneers who wish to buy or sell property and land. As well as traditional auctions, property auctions Lake District offer online auctions. This article will highlight the benefits from a seller and a buyer perspective when choosing this method.

Selling by Online Auction

The speed at which you can sell property or land is very efficient. With online auctions there is usually a fixed time period around 21 days, after this period the highest bidder has the option to buy. Once selected there is a period of 28 days to exchange contracts for house auctions in Newcastle.

There is more chance of your property being available to buyers nationally as well as locally. Your property is listed across various property portals and on the main website. Further to this the property is promoted to a targeted database.

Open house viewings can be arranged. Instead of working your time around potential buyers over a period of time, the expert team at property auction Lake District arrange and host a day for your property to be open to buyers. The team offer their knowledge and answer any queries the buyers may have regarding your home.

Buying by Online Auction

If you are lucky enough to win the bidding war on some of the luxury properties offered across the Auction House sites, no other bidder will be able to make an offer during your ‘Option to Buy’ period. However, if the seller was to change their mind about auctioning their home during this period, you would receive your full deposit back.

With online auctions, there are a range of properties to browse and bid against such as, residential flats, bungalows and homes. The properties will usually be of conventional construction and may be vacant, tenanted or owner occupied. The online auction offers property auctions in North West and to other areas such as the South East and further North.

There are no hidden surprises with an online auction with Auction House North East, all of the terms, conditions and costs are set out clearly prior to your purchase. All bidders have a fair chance of becoming the top bidder, as you access the online auction via the bidding system.

For more information regarding online property auctions Bishop Auckland with Auction House, visit today. The team are available to answer any queries you may have regarding online or traditional auctions in the North East.