LogoKitchen worktops represent a constant battle between the design and functionality of the finished product. Ideally, worktops introduce the contemporary design and finish the look of the kitchen, providing valuable space in the hub of a home. However, being the most used place in the room they are less likely to maintain their properties as time passes.

In order to maintain worktop durability, with the quality and design tradesperson’s best choice is solid surface worktop. Brilliant kitchen design ideas only work when a quality product is presented. Leading worktop distributor to the trade is North East Sheets and Panels, who offer Getacore worktops to kitchen designers, tradespeople, and developers nationally.

GetaCore Solid Surface worktops combine contemporary design, durability and easy maintenance. GetaCore worktops provide functional advantages together with quality aesthetic appearance and makes these worktops best choice for modern kitchen design, and have instant appeal to consumers.

North East Sheets and Panels (NESP) are a solid surface worktop supplier to the trade with years of experience, thus understanding the need for the kitchen worktops to be non-porous, easy to clean and maintain. GetaCore kitchen worktops provide exactly that, ensuring the durability and quality while in use.

As solid surface suppliers NESP understand the importance of adequate fitting when it comes to worktops. Seamless connections are often design choice in a kitchen, and GetaCore worktops can provide high quality seals, which are beneficial for any future maintenance. For more information on GetaCore worktops and other product ranges supplied by NESP, including Mistral Worktops and Blum Drawers, visit www.nesp.co.uk.