When moving home it can be a lengthy and difficult process, with numerous trips to and from your previous home to collect all of your belongings. Some people pay for removal companies to help them move their goods, whereas others like to tackle this task on their own so they know exactly where everything is being placed. However, many of us are guilty of transporting a valued item, then reaching our destination only to find it damaged. There are ways of protecting our items when moving home, and that’s with the help of Box Express.

Box Express are an online cardboard box organisation who supply an extensive range of boxes to suit many of your needs and requirements. The company is based in the North of England and has been established for many years serving many customers who require removal solutions.

Box Express offer a range of moving house packing boxes, which are available in different sizes. So whether you are downsizing to a flat with minimum items, or moving into an old Victorian home, Box Express has it covered.

The small moving pack is perfect if you are moving to a flat or apartment and comes equipped with 15 double walled boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. The pack includes book boxes, standard packing boxes, a medium tea chest box, 10 metre bubble wrap, packing tape and a marker pen so you know which box contains which items.

However, if you’re moving from a large home, the premier moving pack is recommended. The pack contains 55 corrugated boxes alongside bubble wrap, tissue paper and tapes to protect your items from any damage during the moving process. Some of the items included in the pack include a glassware box, mirror & TV boxes, CD & DVD boxes and a large tea chest box. The pack also includes ‘handle with care’ tape, so if you are using a removal company, they will know which boxes to safely handle.

For more information on the moving packs available from Box Express, or to view the full range of cardboard boxes, visit www.boxexpress.co.uk today.