Cardboard boxes, one of the simplest yet purposeful items. They allow us to store items, move our items to a new home safely, and send items to loved ones minimising the damage during the postage process. However there are many more fun things you can do with a cardboard box once it has passed its use. If you are looking for a box to get creative with, Box Express offer an extensive range which can be used in a number ways, here are just a few ideas.

Children Toys

Children are usually amused by the simplest of things, so why not turn your cardboard box into a children’s toy. There are countless toys which can be made and replicated for a fraction of the price. For example if you have large cardboard boxes you can turn it into a playhouse or aeroplane, by snipping some of the cardboard and placing windows in; you can also decorate it to your hearts content with arts and crafts. To save the cutting and designing of certain toys, Box Express offer a playhouse and rocket, all you need to do is decorate it. Again if you have a jumbo box you can cut out the joints and lay it out flat on the floor; then you can get creative and turn it into a car road map so your children can play with their toy cars.

Post Box

If you’re looking to go that one step further this year with your Christmas decorations why not create a Christmas card post box. Further to this if you have children, you can post their letters to Santa Clause through the post box. The post box can be a unique item in your home, especially if you’re hosting Christmas, allowing all of your guests to post their cards on arrival and opening them altogether at a set time. Box Express offer a range of storage boxes available in different sizes to suit your post box creation needs.

Cat Home

Give your cat a new home this Christmas and turn your used box into a luxury bed or home. If you want to get creative, you can add additional layers to the home and decorate the insides with cushions and pillows to keep your furry friend warm. There are a range of packing boxes available from Box Express should you need inspiration.

If you want to view the full selection of cardboard boxes available from Box Express to use for many more ways than just moving house packing boxes, visit today!