Over the past week, Storm Desmond has destroyed the homes of many across the UK, more so in the Cumbrian region. On Saturday 5th December, Storm Desmond brought a record-breaking one month’s rain, in the space of a day. Many people have had to evacuate their homes and belongings, as flood water entered their homes, and left many without electricity.

Residents in the local area have been forced to seek temporary accommodation elsewhere, although now residue of the water is left, home owners can start to see the after effects of Mother Nature.

However, although this is a very distressing time with Christmas less than 3 weeks away, Box Express have offered to help residents who have been most affected.

Box Express are a national cardboard box company who offer a range of moving, packing and storage boxes. So whether, you or a loved one want to protect any valuables from further damage, or if you need to move valuables from within your home, Box Express will be able to help.

Box Express stock a range of cardboard packing boxes and bumper packs, should you require the use of many boxes. The moving boxes are strongly made with double-walled corrugated board, and have stapled joints ensuring your items are protected during the moving stage. Many of the boxes come with hand holes, therefore it’s easier to carry heavier items.

Furniture covers are vital to protect your sofas and mattresses from damp. The large polythene bags offer protection against water, dirt and damage, as well as being strong and durable.

If you are interested in any of the items to help yourself or a loved one start to regain control of your home, Box Express are kindly offering 15% off all orders over £40 (excluding delivery) between the 10th December and the 24th December 2015. For more information visit www.boxexpress.co.uk and use the code BOXSTORM15 at the checkout.