Box Express are a UK online cardboard box company who sell an extensive range of boxes including storage and removal boxes. The range of boxes are ideal solutions if you are moving home and want to keep all of your items together, or if you need extra storage within your home and want to keep your items organised. On the other hand, if you regularly post items, Box Express have a large collection of posting packaging materials including accessories such as tapes and labels.

Posting accessories are important if you want to secure and protect your items from damage, especially if you are going to be sending them half way across the world. As we are all aware, items can be damaged when being transported from location A to B, which in return can damage your reputation if you are a business.

Box Express offer numerous forms of bubble wrap, including anti-static and bubble wrap bags which are available in various sizes and lengths. The large bubble wrap is perfect for protecting heavy or delicate items; it protects against damage and provides extra cushioning. It is also lightweight so if you are using the bubble wrap for packing, it won’t dramatically increase your postage costs.

Although tapes and labels do not protect your items, they certainly allow you to distinguish which items are placed where during storage, and where items need to be posted to. Box Express offer a range of tapes including ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘GLASS – handle with care’, as well as double-sided and masking tape. The cardboard box experts, also offer ‘CAUTION’, printed addresses and box identification labels.

To view the full collection of posting accessories or storage boxes, visit today. If you are unsure which box or accessories are suitable for your requirements, you can contact the professional team by filling out the contact form on their site; they will be more than willing to guide you to the correct product.