The future of business exists in cyberspace. As so many independent retailers move to the internet to make sales, the death of the high street is looming.

A few years ago, there was furore as smaller companies began to lose business to domineering supermarkets and affluent franchises. Gone were the days of the local butcher of fishmonger, as consumers turned to convenience over locality. Now, a new heavyweight threatens to topple the retail food chain: The Internet.

Ecommerce software solutions have been around for a few years now, but have never been so much in demand than they are today. Let’s face it, it’s much cheaper to rent a domain name than it is a shopping unit, and with your customers being able to find all your products in one place, and from the comfort of their own home, conversion rates are much higher.

Shop Ecommerce  is one website that is well on top of the online shopping trend. The company, ran by IT entrepreneurs The Zebra Group, has been providing fully customisable ecommerce solutions since 1995, and has since expanded their software solution to include the much sort after ‘shopping cart’ facility. From florists to dressmakers, golfers to motorbike specialists, Shop Ecommerce has a fully manageable solution.

As well as the front end of your online shop, Shop Ecommerce will also provide you with back management facilities that include order taking, shipping, and stock control.

For more information, or to browse ShopEcommerce ’s range of ‘off the shelf’ solutions, visit or call 0191 2616277.