Auction House North East are a franchise of Auction House UK Ltd, a national property and land auctioneer. The aim of Auction House is to allow any seller or local estate agent to sell properties by Auction including house auctions in Newcastle. The company also allows potential home and land buyers to bid at both traditional and online auctions. Auction House North East have offered their top methods, for buyers wanting to bid at an auction.

If you’re a first time bidder it can be quite a daunting and overwhelming experience; people react differently with some bidders turning nervous and very anxious once in the auction room. All of the property auctions in Middlesbrough and throughout the North East are made to be as friendly and welcoming as possible and aren’t as strict as those which appears on TV. For example, if you were to accidently lift your hand during the bidding process, the auctioneers are expert enough to judge whether your bid was genuine. There are four ways in which you can bid at auction House events.

In Person: as obvious as it sounds, this would be the bidder attending an auction in their area for a property they are interested in. Upon arrival, bidders are provided with an addendum sheet, which highlights any last minute sales, withdrawals or material alterations. Bidders can also collect a catalogue if they don’t already have one, if they wish to view other properties to bid on. Property auctions in Darlington are ran throughout the year, with many bidders attending this event.

Proxy Bidding: this method is used when a bidder is unable to attend an auction. The bid for a property is submitted on a proxy bidding from and it also authorises the expert team at Auction House to act for you. It should be noted that the team at Auction House will not immediately offer your maximum bid, they try to keep your bid to the lowest amount as possible.

Telephone: this method is also available to those who are unable to attend an auction. The bidder bids on their preferred property whilst on the phone to a member of staff at Auction House. The team informs the bidder on the phone and repeats what the auctioneer is speaking during the auction.

Internet Bidding: this service is still being trailed by the team at Auction House, and is currently only being offered at a few events across the UK. To find out more information about this method, you can email the team, details can be found on the website.

For more information on property auction North West or to view the areas which Auction House operate in, visit today.