During the night, you may be awaken by a noise which you believe may be a rat, however how are you certain if you’re unable to catch the creature? For all you know it may a mouse in your home. In order to fully establish whether you have a rat or mouse problem in the North East, you need to bring in the pest control experts such as Kill Line.

Are there any prominent differences between mice and rats? Below we are going to highlight the main differences and explain how Kill Line, who are based in the North of England, can help with your pest problems.

The most common type of mice found in homes and commercial environments throughout the UK are the house and field mice. Nearly 95% of rodent sightings are in fact mice. In order to safely remove mouse problems in Middlesbrough, it’s highly important to bring in the experts so they can establish if it is actually a mouse problem as treatments between mice and rats differ. If you are lucky enough to spot the rodent in your home or office, look out for the length of its tail, a mouse’s tail is longer than its own body and is thin. Further to this if you’re shining a light, look out for its eyes as they are large and bulbous in comparison to a rats small eyes.

Rats are a common problem in the UK and can be found in many areas which offer food and shelter. The more common rats found in homes by the pest control specialists at Kill Line are brown and black rats. Rats are omnivorous, meaning they eat almost anything, whereas mice prefer to nibble on cereals. The tail of a rat is shorter than its body and is usually thick and heavy. If you suspect you have a problems with rats, contact Kill Line today.

One way to distinctively tell the difference between a mouse and a rat, if all you have seen is a quick glimpse of the rodent is the droppings around your home or office. Mice droppings are small in size and are usually in the shape of grains of rice, scattered around. On the other hand a rat’s droppings are larger, usually in the shape of raisons or baked beans and are normally found in groups. If you suspect you have pest problems, contact the expert team today at Kill Line.

Kill Line are pest control specialists who work throughout the North East helping to resolve pest problems in both domestic and commercial environments. The team are professionals who have many years’ experience of safely removing pests from your home or office. To find out how Kill Line can help you today, visit www.killline.co.uk.