Ecommnet are web development and IT security specialists based in Newcastle in the North of England. They offer a range of solutions to a wide range of industries including Education, Government, Healthcare and Travel sectors. Some of the services which Ecommnet offer include website and app development, IT security solutions and bespoke software development in Newcastle.

Ecommnet offer Public sector IT security solutions as it’s highly important that Government data is secure and protected, in order to ensure client and patient data is kept confidential. As well as these two factors being key, the IT solution experts understand that patient care and business efficiency is vital, hence why Ecommnet offer both an onsite premise or cloud based solution, based on your requirements. This can also save the organisation time and money whilst keeping in line with the business rules and standards.

Some of the IT security solutions offered to public sector businesses include app development, secure remote access, Encryption and also mobile device management. Excitor DME is a secure mobile application which enables secure access to all of the business IT hub systems which employees require. For example, the tool allows access to corporate email, calendars, tasks, contacts, in-house applications and even the organisation’s intranet. This allows for team members to work from almost anywhere in the world, at any time and from a range of devices including mobile, tablets and laptops. This security solution diminishes the risk of leaking important data to other applications or the need to install and set-up a full Virtual Private Network (VPN). The functionalities available on this IT solution from Ecommnet include, secure file and web browser, organisation strength email and calendar functions, viewing and editing of documents attached to emails and support for encrypted and signed emails.

If your company is interested in the Excitor DME or any of the other IT security solutions offered by Ecommnet including travel app development, visit The team are friendly professionals who have been in the IT security & mobility and web development industry for many years, and can help with any of your business enquiries.