Minsteracres Retreat Centre is a Christian countryside retreat and a place of prayer with a focus in the Passionist tradition. All people who share similar values are invited to take part and enjoy the hospitality, food and tranquil accommodation offered by Minsteracres.

Set in the beautiful 110 acre estate in the Northumberland countryside, you can choose to enjoy your own, individual retreat or join a group and meet new people.

At the heart of Minsteracres there are a small group of people from different backgrounds and nationalities. The diverse group of priests, religious and lay people, married and single men and women make Minsteracres an  interesting place to escape to, while providing a haven of nurturing surroundings and atmosphere.

Since opening to the public in the 1960s, many people have turned to Minsteracres Retreat Centre for spiritual and social empowerment. Minsteracres outreach programme helps those who have suffered health issues and experienced lifestyle problems, and require guidance to improve their quality of life.

Join other people each morning and evening to honour the day with prayer and gather in celebration of the Eucharist.

Minsteracres invite you to join their quiet days throughout Lent, with time for prayer and reflection, and ceremonies during Easter week.

If you’re staying for a weekend retreat, there are different room options depending on what you need from your stay. First of all, the main house has three double, six twin and 16 single rooms, while the retreat house in the former stables block has one double, 20 twin and 13 single rooms.

If you’re seeking some alone time, the Poustinia offers one single room with your own bathroom, kitchenette and space for prayer within your own private chapel.

For larger events, different sized rooms are available. The parlour, ballroom, library and two large meeting rooms accommodate various sized groups, depending on what you need. The largest room available can seat up to 90 people.

Service in the refectory dining room is delivered by a team of volunteers. The centre’s cooks produce fresh, home-cooked meals including ingredients from the Minsteracres garden.

Of course, whatever you do and whatever you take from the experience, there is plenty of time to enjoy and soak up the beautiful surroundings and peaceful atmosphere.

For more information on the Minsteracres Retreat Centre, news and upcoming events, visit their website at http://www.minsteracres.org. You can also follow Minsteracres on Twitter @minsteracresrc and ‘Like’ the Minsteracres Retreat Centre on Facebook.