As one of the most influential asset management companies in the region, Aura’s participation in developments that have resulted in significant regeneration across the North East are a testimony to the skills and expertise of their dedicated team. Not only will your project be developed to achieve the best of its capabilities, but Aura can also work with you to ensure that your development will be efficient as possible on a realistic budget that suits you, through the use of condition improvement funds available.

As with any project, utility management is a key aspect to keep in mind. Here, Aura will be able to offer expert advice through their energy procurement and energy management services. Through liaising with your energy supplier to retrieve data, Aura can help to reduce your energy usage and costs by delivering regular reports directly to you, and ensuring that you have constant access to your own data, so you can monitor exactly how much energy you’re using. As well as this, Aura can support you when working out ways to save on your energy through highlighting areas for improvement, and recommending ideas to reduce your energy usage. This service is completely personal to you and can always be adapted, so you can be confident that Aura will always act with your best interests in mind.

Not only that, but Aura will take independent reports of all of your buildings utilities and facilities to identify any work that needs to be undertaken. These reports will consist of an energy usage profile, an evaluation of your energy management policies and procedures, as well as ideas for reducing carbon within your development. Overall, Aura seeks to make your project as energy efficient as possible, whilst saving you money in the process.

As well as this, Aura can also provide assistance when searching for an energy supplier that can offer the best value for money. Rather than simply looking to renew contracts with existing companies, Aura monitor a variety of suppliers to find the best possible deal for you, and are understanding of the constantly changing landscape when it comes to energy procurement. This can consist of anything from the initial engagement with suppliers to termination, with Aura ensuring that you don’t get stuck in automatic rollover contracts, that can often end up costing you more money with little benefit to you.

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