Auction House North East are a franchise of Auction House UK Ltd, a national property and land auctioneer. The purpose of auction is to allow the owners of property to sell quickly and easily through an auction.

As a tried and tested method over the years, there are many benefits of selling property and land at a traditional auction.

Selling by auction is a fast process, you can realistically expect your sale to go through in as little as four weeks for the exchange of a contract. Once your land of property is on the market, you will receive the money into your bank within 8 to 10 weeks, which is much quicker and less fuss than selling with an estate agent.

If you’re looking to attend property auctions in Teesside, take a look at the website for listings before you attend to see if there’s anything you’re interested in to give you a head start. Listing regularly change, so it’s worth keeping up to date with the latest offers on the market. As with other selling methods, Auction House will arrange an ‘open house viewing day’, which is full day hosted by professional auctioneers, for prospective buyers to come and view the property. The team will be able to answer any difficult questions people may have about your property, taking out the stress for you. After viewing days, the Auction House team will be able to use their professional judgement to help you set the reserve price for your property.

Once the sale has been finalised and contracts are exchanged, the buyer is committed and will not be able to change their mind.

Property Auction in Middlesborough and the North East with Auction House UK are a popular way to sell. Auction House has proven itself to be a market leader within the auction industry, on average they sell 3,000 properties per year. There are over 40 regional offices all across England, Scotland and Wales, including one auction room situated in London.

If you are unable to attend an auction in your chosen area, you can bid for property online. The way you bid for properties with Auction House UK online is very simple and quite similar to how you would purchase any normal product on eBay. Auction House Teams are familiar with the areas they are selling property in, having lived and worked there within the industry for many years, so you know your property is in safe hands. House Auctions in Newcastle are particularly successful and often attract many buyers.

For more information on Auction House UK and how they can help you to sell your property, contact the main North East Head Office on 0191 9089691 or for Property Auction in Teesside, contact 01642 931060. To see properties available at the moment, visit today.