The Décor Cladding Centre based in the North East of England offer a range of luxury wall cladding panels which are perfect for kitchen, bathroom and home applications. As well as home environments, the wall and ceiling cladding is suitable for commercial areas too such as offices, bars and restaurants.

The Décor Cladding Centre has been established for many years and has recently undergone a showroom refurbishment. The new showroom showcases the extensive range which is available to buy in store or online. The company stocks a range of quality cladding brands including Duma, Vox and Marbrex.

There are a number of reasons to choosing cladding over the traditional tiles, wallpaper and paint, below are just a few reasons why.

It’s Waterproof

Wall cladding is perfect if you are wanting to decorate your bathroom or kitchen. The wall panels are 100% waterproof PVC panels meaning they can be used in moist areas such as shower rooms and garages. The cladding panels never absorb any moisture making them strong and durable. The Vox Modern range is a sophisticated range if you are looking to add class into your home.

High Quality

Although cladding is a fairly new concept to the home design industry, the panels provided from the Décor Cladding Centre are high quality and durable. The Dumalock range available from the Décor Cladding Centre has a high fire safety rating and is hardwearing, so if you choose the right design, you won’t have to worry about redecorating in the near future.


You can save money on your electricity and gas bills over the cooler months with wall and ceiling cladding. It’s a cost effective material which carries insulating properties; during winter and colder days, heat is retained within the panels and slowly released keeping your rooms well heated. During the summer months, heat is kept out due to its protective qualities.

Easy to Install & Low Maintenance

Wall cladding is simple to install and doesn’t require much effort. No grout is needed meaning no mess will be made when installing the panels. However, if you do have any difficulties when installing the cladding, the team at the Décor Cladding Centre are more than happy to offer their expert advice to help. Once installed the panels are easy to maintain, if there are any scuffs or marks, they can easily be wiped away with warm soapy water or a standard household bacterial cleaner.

Huge Range of Designs

At the Décor Cladding Centre the team offer a huge range of designs, so whatever style you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find something to match. The showroom has a range of sparkles, sophisticated panels such as the Vox Motivo, and marble, wood and brick effects, alongside much more.

For more information regarding all of the products from the leading cladding suppliers in the North East, visit today. The team are friendly professionals who are able to answer queries you may have about cladding!