Avoiding burnout and tiredness can be a challenge when we live such busy, high-pressure lives. As a nation we are notoriously overworked, and being stressed out all of the time can put a strain on your wellbeing to the point that it starts to affect your life negatively. We should be taking better care of our emotional lives, but this often gets left by the wayside simply because we don’t have to time to take time out for ourselves.

For example, if you’re not sleeping well and have been struggling to get the rest you need, you might find yourself less able to concentrate in the office or the quality of your work is slipping. All of the stresses we put ourselves through can only be endured for so long before we start to feel the effects.

When we reach our natural breaking point, we’re left looking for a solution. For many, the best thing to do is to get away from it all and get some much needed rest and quiet. If you’ve been feeling like the world’s gotten to be too much lately, then you might benefit from a Northumberland retreat provided by Minsteracres, a Christian organisation rooted in Passionist traditions.

A spiritual retreat of any sort, whether you’re looking to reconnect and renew your relationship with God or simply want to reacquaint yourself with life’s humbler pleasures, should take place in an a peaceful, secluded environment that allows plenty of opportunities for silence and reflection. Northumberland is recognised as one of the most naturally beautiful regions in all of the United Kingdom, making it an ideal choice of location for a retreat.

The huge expanse of countryside ensures that you will be surrounded by nature’s wonders, with Minsteracres’ retreat located in a stunning 110 acre estate that offers historic buildings, spaces for prayer and reflection and beautiful gardens for you to enjoy. All of this is placed in the heart of Northumberland, guaranteeing that you will be surrounded by the natural world; you won’t have to worry about the noise of the city or whether you can get a signal to check your email. The whole point is to completely separate yourself from that life and refresh yourself.

Retreats give you the chance to get to know yourself again as well as helping you to recharge your batteries and unplug from the modern world for a while. It’s important that we’re all able to disconnect from the noise and input of information to give ourselves some much needed time for contemplation, relaxation and rest.

Whilst on the retreat, you can do as you please. No one retreat is the same; Minsteracres alone provides a variety of retreat packages for you to choose from and is welcoming to people of all faiths and ideologies. It’s all about what you’re looking for and hope to achieve with your time away. For instance, if you want to immerse yourself in nature then a walking retreat would be ideal, especially in Northumberland where you can stroll through the countryside for miles without seeing another soul. You can enlist for guided retreats or simply take your time out to read, paint, write, whatever it is you wish to explore. What’s important is that you get the rest you need and a real chance to wash away your worries.