With over 14 years of service in the North East’s thriving industrial sector, Complete Material Handling (CMH) and their team of dedicated specialists have been able to help with any inquiry clients may have regarding new forklifts across Tyneside, used forklifts or any other material handling equipment Sunderland, Newcastle and Country Durham.

With any project, forklifts and material handling equipment is essential to a successful operation. From loading and unloading heavy goods, to stacking products in warehouses, CMH have played a pivotal role in the smooth progression and ultimate completion of any industrial project.

As a fully authorised truck provider, CMH can offer you a range of forklift services Tyneside, whether this is forklift sales Newcastle, or purchasing second- hand fork trucks Sunderland. These trucks are fully serviced and can be delivered directly to you on site. CMH always give their customers fair rates, as well as offering financial packages that can benefit you, and help save your company some money too. Such vehicles can include the likes of rough terrain material handling equipment, manual hand pallet trucks and specialist man up equipment. With CMH, your company have a wide selection of fork trucks and can choose from some of the leading brands of material handling equipment, such as CAT, TCM lift trucks and Agaziner.

To ensure that your equipment is of the highest standard possible, CMH are happy to offer forklift servicing and maintenance as standard, with forklift servicing Sunderland. Even if your truck is second hand, it will still be of the highest quality CMH can offer. They base their reputation on their high levels of customer service with reliable and fast support, ensuring that your machine is safe and effective throughout its time in operation. If any problems do arise with your machine, one of CMH’s skilled technicians can be on hand within four hours of your call and can also offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week breakdown service.

Not only that, but as one of the only forklift companies in the North East to offer tailored forklift truck training Sunderland. This gives companies legal certification and leaves you safe in the knowledge that your drivers are completely confident when operating machinery.

For more information on what CMH can do for you, visit the website at http://completematerialhandling.co.uk/.