Community is important in all factors of everyone’s lives, whether it be where we live and grow up or the first school we attend. The need for community within a school is vital to ensure that education is taught in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Aura North East is a business with a reputation for listening and delivering client requirements, providing building consultancy, construction, facilities management and investment. Through all our activities we strive to be an exemplar partner. Community and Social Responsibility is at the heart of what we do. As a North East business Aura aims to support our region. Together with our dedicated partners Aura contributes time and money to support activities and projects for the benefit of others.

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) provides capital funding to educational establishments across the UK, for all institutions including Academies, free schools, studio schools and sixth form colleges. All establishments that apply for funding are eligible to receive funds between £8,000 and £4 million, depending on their requirements.

At Aura North East we provide Academy building consultancy, ensuring that all the differing building and spaces that have many different purposes and facilities can be properly taken care of. For instance, science labs need a lot of specific equipment as do sports halls, even with such differing requirements, everything must be built with safety and efficiency.

Aura North East is a building consultancy that offers much more than you can imagine. Schools applying for the condition improvement fund are successful by being provided with professional advice, recommendations through surveys, cost consultancy programme management and project management. Working with schools in our area helps with regeneration North East, giving all educational establishments a chance at creating the perfect learning environment for your students.

At Aura North East we also provide opportunities for children and young people to get involved in our business, offering work experience and curriculum enhancing activities. The future of our company lies within the future of our community.

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