If you run a business you probably know how difficult it can be managing different aspects of your company such as your servers, software, programme and storing all of your data safely. There is a solution to manage all of these in one place and you’ve probably heard of Cloud computing solutions and what can be offered within these solutions such as public and private cloud servers. From a business perspective, you can really benefit from having private cloud platforms which are offered at North East Cloud (part of Concept IT); here are just a few reasons why.

Private Cloud can be accessed almost anywhere in the world so your employees can work from home if they wish to. Not much training is needed on the cloud platform either as it is a very simple to use system which is reliable and works efficiently.

The private cloud platform can be easily adapted to suit the needs and requirements of your business. There are two user type routes to go down – the general user and the specialist user. A terminal server, also known as a remote Desktop server, is used for general users which allows easy access to your applications and programmes installed. The for the more specialist users a virtual desktop is provided; this allows for specialist programmes such as Photoshop or CAD to be run over the cloud.

The private cloud solution is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a cluster of servers work together to keep things running smoothly for you, managing your memory and resources. However, if a part of the system was to fail, all of your data is automatically transferred to other pieces of equipment. Further to this, North East Cloud have a second location which has identical equipment and a mirror image of your system, so you can be rest assured that all of your data and programmes are safe with them.

If you do decide to choose private cloud platforms for your business, you will be in reliable and trustworthy hands; your data will be backed up twice daily so if you accidently delete an important report which you have been working on for weeks, you can call the helpdesk at Concept IT, and they will help to recover it.

For more information regarding the private cloud or any other cloud solutions such as cloud backup or hosted exchange, please visit www.northeastcloud.co.uk.