Nestled deep in the heart of the North Eastern countryside lies Minsteracres Retreat Centre, a Christian community of the Passionist tradition, who welcome those of similar beliefs and offer respite, food and accommodation. A place of peace, serenity and tranquilty, Minsteracres continues to be one of the most popular countryside retreats in the area, and can offer a range of activities and exercises as a spiritual growth retreat.

Set across 110 acres of stunning landscape, this Northumberland retreat consists of beautiful historic buildings, prayer rooms and spaces to hire for private events. Whether you’re looking to engage in personal meditation by yourself or to participate in guided retreats, Minsteracres are sure to have a programme to suit you perfectly.

Most recently, the Christian countryside retreat has been promoting ideas and values relating to being at one with nature and offering ideas and advice as to how you can do your part to protect the local wildlife around you. Peace garden volunteer Dianne Keetch suggests using natural resources that can be found in the home, such as old bamboo canes or plastic bottles to create places for insects to thrive and continue to pollinate. These are incredible versatile and can be places almost anywhere, so no matter where you live, you can do your part for protecting the natural wildlife of the area.

Minsteracres are very proud of their conservation efforts that are displayed in their superb Peace Garden. Providing the perfect tranquil escape, the garden has thrived since it was first set up in 2011, and a number of initiatives have taken place during this time, namely the ‘Let’s Get Growing’ programme, a garden therapy scheme led by horticulturalists Ross Menzies and Katrina Padmore. This recognises how vital outdoor activities, such as gardening, can be throughout the process of recovery and general wellbeing. You can experience this for yourself, and see just how helpful outdoor space can be.

Took book your place at one of the most restful Christian retreat centres in the North East, or just to browse through the variety of programmes Minsteracres currently have on offer, visit the website to day at