Many people contact pest control services when they have a pest issue in their home, such as a rat infestation. However, it’s common to have pests invade commercial areas such as work offices, bars and restaurants, and warehouses. Pests in commercial areas can be dangerous as they can spread disease to a number of humans, especially if food is involved.

Kill Line offer a range of commercial pest control services across the North East covering areas including Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. Kill Line have worked in the building structure and pest industry for many years, therefore their experience is next to none; providing honest advice to safely remove pests from your building. In this article we will cover some of the most common pests found in commercial environments.


The most common of pests found in commercial areas, hanging around food waste areas and within buildings. Rats are well-known for wide spread diseases which they carry, some of which can be deadly to humans. The most common bacterial infection from rats is Leptospirosis, which is usually passed on to humans through drinking water or eating food which contains the urine of the creature carrying the bacteria. For more information on how the pest control experts can help your rat problem visit today!


Wasps are generally forgotten about in commercial environments such as restaurants and office buildings, as rats are the major commercial pest throughout the UK. Wasps usually build their nests from paper and are usually built in difficult to reach places, such as the side of roofs. However the professional team at Kill Line have special equipment which allows the pest control team to reach any pest. If you have problems with wasps, and require wasp control in Newcastle contact Kill Line today.


Similar to wasps, these pests aren’t usually associated with commercial environments. However bees are commonly found around schools in local areas, especially where gardens and fields are involved. As bees are seen as an endangered species, it’s always best to contact bee control experts, like Kill Line, as they protect both the environment and the pest they are handling during the removal of pests. If you want to find out more information on bee problems North East, contact Kill Line.

To find out more information how Kill Line can help your commercial pest control in North East today, visit The team only offer expert and honest advice and only follow the highest quality procedures when removing pests from your home or commercial area.