The summer months can attract all kinds of insects into our homes and gardens, some we welcome with open arms such as butterflies, and others we would rather not cross paths with, such as ants. Although ants don’t cause any danger, unless they are red ants which highlight danger, they can be a nuisance as they travel in numbers searching for food. This is where Kill Line come in to help, a pest control service based in Newcastle and Middlesbrough who help to resolve many pest problems including ant problems in the North East.

In the UK the most common type of ant found is the garden and the black ant. Ants work in large packs to find food, once a food location source is identified a scent trail is left so other ants from the same colony can identify where to collect the food from. A colony is made up of three different types of ants; first are the queen ants, who stay inside the anthill or their nest – some ants live in cracks in the wall and so on. Then there are the male ants, who mate with queen ants to ensure as many eggs as possible are laid to keep the colony strong and large for food purposes. Finally there are the female working ants, who do the majority of the work such as gathering food, defending the nest from intruders and building the nest. Kill Line offer pest control in the North East to safely remove pests such as ants from your home.

So why would ants attack your home? Well basically ants are attracted to food which are sweet and sugary, however, they are omnivorous insects meaning they eat a varied diet and are able to eat anything. Usually ants get a scent from foods which are uncovered or from empty tins, packaging and containers left in your home, usually by the bins. If you have a pet, ants are also attracted to their food so if your pet visits its food bowl throughout the day, it may be wise to cover it over with a container until your pet wants some more food. Ants control North East services from Kill Line ensures that the safe removal of these pests are taken, in order to prevent any future reoccurrences.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint where the vast army of ants are coming from but usually they tend to build nests in flower beds and lawns, at the bottom of walls and underneath paving stones. If a nest is disturbed the colony will move to a new location and will never return to the same location again.

If you feel like you have an ants problem in Middlesbrough or the surrounding areas in the North East please visit As well as ant control in the North East, Kill Line offer services for other pests including wasps, fleas and rats.