This Christmas will see hundreds of thousands of laptops, tables and mobiles unwrapped and switched on on Christmas day. If you or your organisation have a web site you want it to look fantastic on all those devices and you know how important it is that your site looks a million dollars on mobile. Web design and mobile optimisation are also important to Calm Digital, Middlesbrough’s leading web design and digital agency.  have been working hard at developing a team of dedicated individuals who are the best at what they do so that they can help their clients with the best responsive website design, ecommerce web development and web design.

The web, and mobile technology have had a massive effect on nearly everyone’s way of life and work in the last couple of decades. If you have a business, it needs to have a web presence so your potential clients can find it; if you have a hobby or a family spread over the county, county or continents, the web has revolutionised the way you communicate with people. From the most formal company site to the smallest of blog sites, we all have the same aim, which is to look fantastic and be as interesting as possible whilst keeping the development and design as successful as possible.

At this time of year there is a rush to select and buy last minute gifts for family and loved ones. This means that ecommerce websites are being swamped by shoppers checking for gifts and ready to spend their money. If your ecommerce web development is short of the mark you may miss out on the businesses retail season of the year. The lovely people at Calm Digital hate to think of you missing out and make it their business to be the best at creating responsive website design, ecommerce web development and mobile web design to make it really easy for people to navigate your site and spend their money on your goods – the rest is up to you.

The sign of a really successful strategy from an organisation or brand is one that moves seamlessly across all types of platform. In a world where branding has become the most important aspect of marketing in so many ways, your visual message must be consistent all the way from your brochures, letterheads and business cards, thorough to your web site (ecommerce or otherwise), mobile (responsive) site, social media and on line newsletters and moblie apps.

Calm Digital love to develop and they love to design. They have many years of experience in Middlesbrough, throughout the UK and internationally, so you can trust them with your project and they will work with you to make effective use of your budget and goals, making 2016 a very successful year all round. Visit to find out more.