Now that the summer is finally starting to come around a little we will all be wanting to spend more time in our gardens and yards. Hosting barbeques with friends and family and inviting your children’s friends around so they can play in the paddling pool is usually the top of a summer agenda list. Sometimes though, you may not feel 100% comfortable inviting guests around as you may feel your garden isn’t the most appealing, however, redecorating your garden by adding decking and fencing can really transform the way you view your garden. The Décor Cladding Centre based in County Durham in the North East of England offer a range of decking, fencing, balustrades and lighting to turn your garden into something you have always wished.

A popular outdoor exterior which many are choosing for their gardens and yards are decking; at the Décor cladding they have a range of Fitrite fencing and decking which come with a range of benefits.

The Evolution deckboards are eco-friendly; it is 100% recyclable PVC flooring, during the production process the use of toxic chemicals such as varnish and paint are minimised and no trees are felled for the purpose of creating the Fitrite easy connect decking.

The fencing and decking is strong and durable so you can be rest assured that it will serve its purpose for many years. When the winter months come with rain, hail, wind and snow it will not shrink, crack, twist or wrap as it is controlled with natural weather. Aside from surviving the harsh winter months, the Fitrite decking has no splinters.

The decking is low maintenance; it is easy to clean, stain resistant and is completely waterproof so you will never spot any mould or decay building up on it. The Fitrite fencing and decking is made with natural aesthetics so although it looks and feels like real wood it is actually a natural wood grain surface which come in a range of natural colours and finishes to suit your needs. To keep the decking and fencing looking neat all of the fixings are hidden which will keep in line with your redecorated garden or yard.

If you are interested in transforming your garden, please visit for more information or if you are from the North East why not visit their brand new showroom which offers outdoor inspiration so you can achieve the look you want.