Over their many years of service, Aura have made their mark on the facilities management sector of the North East as one of the leading companies for building services consultancy in educational sector work throughout the region. Offering personal, flexible solutions for each project, Aura’s extensive range of services vary from educational facilities management to helping schools with their conversion to academy status.

Through close work with each client, Aura are able to use specific requirements and their own expertise to ensure that every project runs as smoothly as possible for the best price. At Aura, their top priority is customer satisfaction.

Aura cover a number of asset and facilities management initiatives that have helped clients from the beginning to the ends of their project through working exclusively with Aura’s expert team of specialists and their partner agencies.

Aura offer a range of asset management that clients have found extremely useful. Aura are able to determine the operation and financial performance of each project as well as keeping a balance between costs, risk and return in order to ensure that the project is streamlined throughout. They also run inventory management, ensuring their clients fully understand their outlook of each project, including usage, costing, maintenance and functionality. It is here that a client will be able to see where their project could be improved upon in terms of financial aspects. Through this, you can be safe in the knowledge that Aura will strive to keep prices as low as possible, as well as provide you with a project that will be sustainable and beneficial in the future.

Aura’s bespoke facilities management plans are available throughout the North East and offer flexible solutions that are available to a range of markets and, most importantly, are value for money. Condition surveys undertaken by Aura identify maintenance requirements and provide a plan for the course of action and related costs. If you wish, Aura can also offer assistance with compliance evaluations, procurement and service scoping, and performance managements.

These services can be transferred to any mode of educational institutions. Aura offer academy services, which include asset services, condition surveys and insurance valuations. If you’re looking for a company that will give you detailed care and attention your project needs for the best possible price, look no further than Aura.

For more information, or to view Aura’s extensive range of services, please visit http://www.auranortheast.com/.