For many years, Minsteracres has been a haven for those seeking peaceful Christian retreats in the North east, whether this be through spiritual growth retreats, healing retreats or holistic retreats. Led by priests, religious, lay members and volunteers across Northumberland, visitors are offered a range of retreats and events.

Tucked away in the Northumberland countryside, the setting makes for one of the most beautiful retreat spots in the North East, with a fascinating heritage. The estate was first developed in the 18th century, by the Roman- Catholic Silvertop family, who used the land as a setting for their home. Over the century, the land was further extended and the family became prominent during the times of Catholic emancipation.

Over the years, as the Silvertop family experienced changing fortunes, the Minsteracres estate changed hands a number of times up until around the 1949, when the estate was bought by the Passionist congregation. It was then converted into a monastery for 35 priests and brothers, with the intention that it would be the perfect space for training Passionist students. Retreats were offered from the mid 1960s after the former stables block was converted.

In 1967, Minsteracres officially re- opened as a North East rest centre and retreat. Since then, there have been a variety of new initiatives launched within Minsteracres, such as partnerships with the Selly Park Sisters and the Mercy Sisters. In 2012, a new charitable trust and company was set up, which has ran the centre on behalf of the Passionists to this very day.

Throughout your stay at Minsteracres, you will be able to experience this amazing heritage for yourself, as well as take part in a number of activities that will offer you peace, tranquillity and the opportunity to reflect.

Minsteracres are dedicated to their successful outreach programmes, which involve those on the margins of the church or society. Through their extensive partnerships, they have been able to offer support and guidance to a range of guests through the retreat centre.

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