There comes a point in our lives when we decide to move home, whether it be to downsize, fly the nest from your parents or for work commitments. Moving your entire contents can be a lengthy and draining process as you’re constantly between your two homes, unless of course you have a large moving van. Packing all of your belongings can be difficult too depending on how organised you are; some people just pack their car with bags and balance their furniture on the back seat, whereas other people like to store everything in boxes so they know where everything is, should they need to find it.

Box Express are an online packing box company based in the North of England who offer an extensive range of cardboard packing boxes suitable for when you are moving home.

They offer a range of large cardboard boxes which are perfect if you want to store many of your items in one box. For example, the cardboard boxes can be used for items of clothing especially the large tea chest boxes which is available in two quantities, five or ten box packs. They are also double-walled corrugated board to ensure maximise strength is provided to hold heavy and bulky items and the joints are stapled for added security. Further to this there are hand holes in the box making them easier to carry from one place to another.

Box Express also offer large cubed boxes which again comes with stapled joints for added security when moving heavy items. The cubed boxes again have double-walled rigid corrugated board to improve the strength, meaning these boxes can be used time and time again due to the strength and durability of the boxes. All of the cubed boxes from Box Express are made with a minimum of 75% recycled materials making them eco-friendly products. The boxes are available in a range of sizes (50x50x50cm, 60x60x60cm, 70x70x70cm, 80x80x80cm, 90x90x90cm and 100x100x100cm), so you’re guaranteed to find the size that suits your requirements!

There are a range of packing furniture covers which are perfect if you want to keep your furniture clean when moving between homes such as your sofas, mattresses and dining chairs. The sofa and chair covers are available in a range of sizes and packs with the option of a four-seater sofa cover pack.

For more information regarding any of the boxes and covers mentioned in this article, or to view the rest of the extensive box collection, visit today!