GetaLit GlossNorth East Sheets and Panels (NESP) are proud partners and one of the UK’s exclusive laminate worktops distributor of GetaLit laminate worktops. The GetaLit elements range can be used in both commercial and domestic environments and the worktops are available in a wide choice of designs. The GetaLit high-pressure laminates (HPL) come with a range of benefits which are highlighted below.

The quality of the worktops are next to none; Getalit are creators in HPL digital printing ensuring there are a range of designs for all of their customers. Each worktop is carefully designed with multiple layers; starting from the top of the GetaLit worktops is the overlay, décor paper and kraft papers, followed by the chipboard substrate and finally the water-resistant balancer. In the past two and a half years that NESP have had their relationship with GetaLit, they have not had one issue with quality from ANY of their customers.

The GetaLit worktops are food safe to both EN 1186 and EN 13130 which highlights the hygiene aspects of the worktops. If the laminate worktops were to be used in a kitchen environment, you can rest assured the preparation and use of food on the worktops are safe.

The GetaLit laminate worktops are resistant to many common household mistakes, which again highlights the quality in each product. The worktops are resistant to common household chemicals, such as cleaning solutions, so if you were to accidently spill any liquids on the worktop, it can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. The GetaLit products are impact resistant to ISO 13894 and abrasion resistant to EN 438. To add to this, the laminate worktops are heat resistant up to 230 Degree Celsius and steam resistant to EN 438, what more could you want from a worktop?

GetaLit TexturedIf you are interested in viewing the range of GetaLit worktops, visit today. Established for 17 years, NESP are a family run business who supply to manufacturers, retailers and installers in the furniture and joinery trade. The team have ample experience in the industry and are therefore able to answer query you may have regarding any of their products.