With the success of the Great British Bake Off, the appetite for baked goods has risen substantially across the nation. It is noticeable in our supermarkets and it has coincided rather nicely with a growing cafe culture.

The demand for delectable treats, also requires cakes and pastries to look just as appetising as they taste. One way the baking industry can ensure both of these essential elements is through innovative packaging.

A products’ sell-ability lies in its presentation and usability. When it comes to baked goods, their life-span is minimal therefore they require packaging that will keep them fresh. Northumberland based GSP UK, are flow wrapping machine specialists and have just arrived back from exhibiting their high quality packaging machinery at the IBA bakers exhibition in Munich.

Wrapping pastries can be a time consuming task as well as a delicate operation. GSP UK offer businesses an extensive range of sturdy machines made in the Italian factories. All machines are tailor-made to each individual business and comes with operator training for customer employees. Customers can also save on expenses by opting to purchase used flow wrap machines for sale through their online store.

Choose between the extremely versatile Diamond machinery range, which have the ability to wrap individual products using shrinkable or non-shrinkable packaging, or the stainless steel Rotating Table machines which are best for loading pallets of items that need to be sealed with plastic film.

Other options include Automatic L Sealers and Semi Automatic L Sealer machines which have conveyor belts suitable for small or unstable products and are perfect for companies who want their products to look good enough to eat, as well as stay in their packaging during the delivery process. For more information please visit www.flowrapper.co.uk.