Optimum Nutrition products, available from SS Healthfoods, are of the UK’s leadiProteinng sports nutrition brands, offering a range of premium-quality sports supplements tablets and protein powders.

Optimium Nutrition Gold Standard Whey is the world’s bestselling whey protein, a blend of micro filtered and ion-exchange whey protein isolates, ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate and HydroWhey hydrolysed whey peptides. Leading fitness blog site Muscle & Strength give the product a 9.2 out 10 based on customer reviews, and the product is rich in amino acids to support muscle recovery.

Designed specifically for post-workout nutrition, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey is low in fat content, high in BCAAs, and can be mixed easily with water or milk in an Optimum Nutrition Shaker.

SS Healthfoods all stock a wide range of other Optimum Nutrition products, including Opti-men sports supplement capsules, glutamime powder and Casein protein, of which Optimum Nutrition were the first company to market.

For those seeking weight-loss based products, SS Healthfoods also offer a range of weight loss capsules and Body Supreme diet protein, as well as a comprehensive selection of gym and fitness equipment. For more information and to browse all products available from SS Healthfoods, visit www.sshealthfoods.com.