With Christmas fast approaching it’s a busy period for all – businesses and consumers feel the intensity. Whether you run an online or retail store, now is the time people are searching and buying gifts for the loved ones, and now is the time that your business holds more stock to cater for any demands. However, you may run your business from home with little storage space, or you may just not have enough room within your stock room in your business building. So what’s the solution?

The Storage Place based in Gateshead in the North East of England offer a range of solutions to help your business survive increased products demands over Christmas, one of them being their exceptional order fulfilment services.

The order fulfilment service offered by The Storage Place come with a range of benefits which we will highlight below. Basically the team at the extensive warehouse stores your products, keeping your items secure and dry. The Storage Place uses their fully integrated software to manage all ingoing and outgoing stock.

As well as managing all stock levels including any returns from your customers the API integrated system is cloud based, meaning you can access the software from almost any device, and at any time.

Once a customer purchases one of your products, the team at the north east fulfilment centre are informed, who then pick and pack your items using the bar code picking tool. The software then allows the warehouse team to create personalised shipping labels and to pack your customer orders to your own preference.

The products are then shipped using one of the many major UK couriers which the software is integrated with, including Royal Mail, Interlink and DHL. Both you and your customers will receive tracking details so you can monitor the journey of the items.

Finally to ensure your business is seen as trustworthy and secure from your customers, the software which The Storage Place uses is SSL Certified meaning any sensitive data such as credit card details and contact details cannot be read across the website.

The order fulfilment services can save you both time and money in the long-run. If you are interested in finding out more order fulfilment and the fully integrated software used visit www.thestorageplace.co.uk. The team are professional and friendly and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the process. As well as order fulfilment, The Storage Place also offers loading and unloading services and pallet storage solutions.