Kill Line are pest control experts who offer their services to both domestic and commercial environments throughout the North East of England. Kill Line is a family-run business, and as well as having vast experience in the pest industry, they also have extensive experience in the building trade. This helps as Kill Line can establish the source of your pest problems and provide efficient and effective advice and services to help your home or business resolve the issue.

Kill Line offer commercial pest control in Sunderland and the surrounding areas including Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Washington. Commercial environments are areas and businesses which operate in food, healthcare, office, hospitality, education and retail industries.

Rats are a common pest around food service areas and can cause serious health issues to humans and them most common found throughout the UK are brown and black rats. A common bacterial infection which rats spreads to humans is known as Leptospirosis; humans can catch this infection by drinking or water or touching soil which is contaminated with this impurity. If you find have you have problems with rats, contact the pest control experts at Kill Line.

Although not always dangerous, insects can be a nuisance in the workplace. Although cluster flies are not dangerous to our health, they can be a major fire risk. The deceased bodies of these flies are known for becoming a high fire risk, especially when they are close to an electricity supply. Kill Line offer insect control in the North East, so if you believe you have an insect infestation, contact the team today.

More commonly found in commercial and domestic areas in the summer, wasps can be a threat to both your home and yourself. Wasps are known to sting anyone or anything that crosses their path; some people are prone to Anaphylactic shock if they are stung by a wasp, and it certain cases this can be fatal. Wasps generally nest in places which are difficult to reach or access. The experts at Kill Line have the equipment and knowledge to safely remove wasps from your place of work. If you suspect you have wasp infestations in the workplace, get in touch with Kill Line who can offer their expertise and services.

If you believe you have a pest problem in the workplace, or want a professional second opinion, visit today. The team have worked in the industry for many years and offer the safe removal of pests, protecting yourself, your business and the pests.