Fury Events LogoGetting married is a big step in anybody’s life. It’s a huge commitment in which you agree to share your life with another person in all ways, not something to be entered lightly but certainly something to be celebrated. When you do decide to get married, everyone wants to celebrate along with you, and that includes getting a group of your nearest and dearest friends and family together for a stag or hen party. The hen and stag parties are institutions in our culture and, if done right, become the stuff of legend. A good hen or stag party is all a part of the overall experience of getting married.

Naturally with the New Year fast approaching, it’s guaranteed that there will be another spate of wedding proposals and acceptances, and along with them a slew of stag and hen parties scattered across the months. You never know, you might be the person in charge of planning them! Let’s consider the stag party for a moment and look at some of your options to help get you prepared.

The world is your oyster Quad biking stag activities are a great choice for the more adventurous groups out there. Stag parties are about fun and creating an unforgettable experience, so it gives you a wide berth to do whatever you like. Even if you’re not that adventurous, it’s also a great opportunity to try something that you’ve never done before or finally get the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to but never had the time or the guts. Quad biking is an extreme outdoor activity and so should probably be planned for a warmer time of year, but really you can do it whenever you like so long as the stag is happy. What matters is that it’s a great way to get an adrenaline rush and experience a real rush of freedom

There are plenty of stag weekend packages available across the country, all of which offer different activities and deals. These packages offer more than quad biking, it all just depends on what your stag’s looking for. If you want clay pigeon shooting, paintball or laser tag, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find it. Most stag party packages are geared towards outdoor, physical activities and will give you the opportunity to create a day or weekend (whatever your time scale is) that suits everybody’s interests and keeps everyone sweet. Searching for specific packages can be a great way to save some money too; just make sure you do a bit of hunting around before settling on a deal that you’re happy with.

If you are going to be planning a stag part in the coming year or any time in the future, start doing your research as soon as possible. For example, if you’re planning on having the stag party in the North East, search something like ‘newcastle stag activities’ and work together with the stag to come up with a loose plan that suits his interests and ideas. Once the groundwork has been laid, you can begin building up a more concrete plan from there until you have a fantastic stag party planned.