The Décor Cladding Centre based in Birtley in the North East of England are decorative cladding specialists. Within the newly refurbished showroom there is a vast range of elegant ceiling and wall panels ideal for bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Some of the quality brands which they stock include Duma, Vox and Marbrex wall range.

The Duma range includes Dumapan and Dumalock ceiling and wall panels. The Dumapan range is 100% PVC waterproof panels, which makes them an ideal choice for damp and moist rooms, such as bathrooms, shower rooms and garages. The Dumalock is the first do-it-yourself tile, making it simple to install in your home or office. The wall and ceiling panels can be connected from all sides meaning you can bridge any length of a wall or ceiling. The range is also easy to maintain, if they have any scuffs or marks, you only need a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt.

If you’re looking to add an elegant touch to your home, then the Vox range is for you. The unique designs bring luxury into your home by using the best quality natural materials and digital print. The bathroom cladding collection is available in a range of colours, 100% waterproof, quick to install and the connections of the panels are hidden leaving a flawless look on your wall and ceilings.

The latest addition available from the Décor Cladding Centre is the luxury Marbrex range. The designs showcase the feel of marble, wood and stone effects, which are available in a range of colours. Marbrex is easy to install and simple to clean; the wall cladding also offers insulation to the room it’s installed in – perfect if you want to cut down on electricity and gas bill during the winter months.

If you’re interested in installing wall cladding in your home or office visit or if you’re from the North East you can visit their showroom. The friendly and professional team are always on hand to answer questions you may have regarding wall cladding.