In order for a young person’s skills and talents to truly flourish, nothing is more significant than their learning environment- a space in which they can create, think and understand using only the best resources. Nobody understands this concept better than Aura. Through close work with community ties and local schools, their dedicated team have worked tirelessly to improve and develop upon schools within the region to ensure that young people are gaining the best possible learning experiences.

In 2015, Aura worked with a number of schools North East, including Bridgewater Primary, where the undertook the project of building an extension. Through their excellent skills in facilities management, Aura were able to respond to the need for more learning spaces, after the number of young people seeking school places rapidly increased.

Using £3 million from a condition improvement fund North East, Aura were able to construct new classrooms and resource spaces to cope with the arrival of new students. These improvements were made to the internal and external areas of the school and, as a result, Bridgewater was able to cater to the needs of 550 pupils, a significant jump from the 300 it could hold before work began with Aura.

Not only did this drastically improve the learning experience for students who attended, but Aura’s educational sector work was also vital when it came to Bridgewater Primary securing an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted reports. A year later, and the school still stands as one of the best in the area for nursery and primary learning, providing a stunning space for children to learn and grow with the use of state of the art resources and facilities, provided by the innovators at Aura.

They were also highly commended by Newcastle City Council, who commented on the work undertaken by the firm, stating that, ‘Our contractors Aura have done an excellent job in creating new extended facilities at Bridgewater Primary School’.

To find out more about Aura’s skills in asset management and educational facilities management, as well as more information on their regeneration work throughout the North East, please visit their website at