retro_sweets_hamperOne of the most loved presents at Christmas time are sweets. Sweets are loved by all – children and adults – and are perfect for stocking fillers or as presents. If you’re looking for a specific sweet which was readily available in the 70s but are having no luck then you haven’t tried Bah Humbugs.

Bah Humbugs is a retro sweet shop in Masham who also have an online store, every sweet imaginable is available from Bah Humbugs. However, if for some reason the sweet you are searching for is not available, you can contact the team who will search high and low for you and order it in!

All of the sweets from Bah Humbugs are available in different sized packages including sweet hampers, sweet buckets, sweet jars and singular packets (for one person only!). We have gathered the top selling sweet hamper gifts this Christmas, which are still available to order.

BH Decade Sweet buckets 1The sweet buckets are a perfect addition to a gift this Christmas and are available in a range of decades, 50s, 60s, 70s sweets and sweets from the 80s. The 80s sweets bucket contains 1.5kg of delicious sweets and includes all the favourite treats from the 1980s including Drumsticks, Popping Candy, Bon Bons and Anglo Bubbly.

The Giant Sweet Hamper has been a popular gift for this Christmas and has been ordered mainly for businesses with a number of employees, and also for people who want to give a gift to all of the family. The giant retro sweet hamper contains 4kg worth of sweets ranging from Midget Gems to Foam Shrimps and Jelly Babies to Cola Bottles!

Can’t decide from any of the sweet hampers above? You can also create your own retro hamper so you can ensure that all of loved ones favourite sweets are included.

If you want to view the full collection of Christmas sweet hampers, sweet jars and sweet buckets visit today to get your order in time for Christmas. If you’re visiting North Yorkshire in the next week, why not pay a visit to Bah Humbug’s store in the small town of Masham. The team are very friendly and welcoming, and this year Lucy (the owner) won best the Forward ladies Online/Digital Business aware in the Yorkshire & North East region! The last day for Christmas deliveries is 18/12/15 for 2nd class and 21/12/15 for 1st class delivery.