With a stunning range of bars and boxed luxury chocolates available in a variety of new and exciting flavours, Chocolat Lovers’ luxury online chocolate boutique is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for chocolate gifts for teachers as we come to the end of another academic year. With innovative and fun ideas, Chocolat Lovers have crafted a beautiful range of gift ideas from award winning chocolatiers across the country that can be personalised with small message cards from yourself or from your little ones. Whether you’re looking for small individually boxed chocolates or gift sets, the extensive range from Chocolat Lovers is sure to inspire you with exquisite sweet treats available from fantastic prices that can be delivered straight to your door at a time to suit you.

At Chocolat Lovers, you’ll find much more than your standard chocolate gifts. Their superb range of ethically sourced chocolate is available in a variety of different tastes and won’t break the bank. For a truly decadent present, the Madagascan Sambirano chocolate bars could be an ideal gift for your children’s teacher. Made using Trinitario cacao, which is renowned for its excellent quality and luscious taste, these delectable gifts are available as milk chocolate, dark or un-roasted, which is a style of raw chocolate. These are priced at £4.95 and not only will your children’s teacher be receiving a gift of supreme quality, but your purchase will also help the farmers who grow the chocolate in northern Madagascar.

If you’re looking for something a little different, Chocolat Lovers also have a range of tempting boutique online fudge gifts on offer. The ‘Gourmet Butter Fudge Avant Garde Selection’ from Fudge Kitchen is priced between £9.00 and £15.00 and would make for an enticing gift for your children’s teacher. This trio of beautifully smooth fudge comes in a variety of different flavours that venture away from standard tastes. The set comes with three pieces of gourmet fudge, flavoured with intriguing blends such as, chocolate orange and chili, white chocolate and raspberry and double trouble. The Fudge Kitchen provides you with luxury gifts that are totally unique and your child’s teacher is bound to love these beautifully elegant specialist fudge pieces.

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