MediumMovingPackAs we finally approach the end of a very cold Winter, many of us are finding our homes still in mild disarray from Christmas, our cupboards packed full of goodness-knows-what, and our garages a labyrinth of badly stacked beer crates and chaos. The concept of a good Spring clean seems terrifying, but necessary. But where to start? Here at Box Express, we’re here to help you finally get 2016 in order, with our top 3 tips when it comes to re-organising your home…

  1. Be Bold and Realistic

As the years go by, our homes become filled with all manner of junk that we simply don’t need. If you haven’t used that vegetable steamer in the past year, will you ever? Those skinny jeans that are 3 sizes too small are probably a dream gone by too. De-clutter, and don’t keep things around your home that are just taking up valuable space. For those sentimental items, or things that have a very specific and infrequent use (think ski jackets, fishing gear, and campaign equipment), invest in some good quality storage like the Archive Box or the Medium Tea Chest Box, and put them away tidily in your loft or garage.

  1. Give it a label

If you have decided to box items up and store them for later, then don’t expect that you’ll remember the contents of every box when you next come to use it. At the very least, label boxes by use, like ‘party supplies’ ‘John’s holiday clothes’ or ‘tools’, so that your life is made easier later down the line. Using storage boxes like the Jumbo Box or the double-walled Book Box are a great way to pack lots of things into a small space, but you’ll save tonnes of time and effort in finding things if you label your boxes to begin with.

  1. Keep It Safe

Large Bubble WrapThere’s nothing worse than the feeling of opening a storage box of your Grandmother’s china to find it broken or damaged. Make sure delicate items are packaged first in bubble wrap, then the box sealed properly with tape, to prevent unfortunate accidents. At Box Express, we not only sell high quality storage solutions, but packaging accessories too. Visit to buy online today.

So there you have it. Don’t shy away from that all-important Spring clean, and instead, embrace it with Box Express!