Steel contractors are responsible for many of the utilities we use day to day and many businesses would be unable to function if not for the creation of these structures and products. For example, steel fabrication has resulted in the creation of structures which allow the functioning of telecommunications. Without telecommunications, countless business would struggle or even cease to function.

Newbridge Engineering is a leading service provider of design, manufacture, paint and erection of structural steel fabrications of any type. Newbridge have immense capabilities due to their facilities which include:

  • 2 CNC Saw/Drill lines
  • 1 CNC Punch/Drill line
  • 1 CNC Shotblaster
  • 9 Overhead Cranes

Through personal, clear communication with professional and high quality services, Newbridge can provide you with all of the steel services you require. The family owned business, based in Hartlepool, Established in 1997, Newbridge, have for over 17 years, maintained their passion to achieve excellence and have done so by working hand in hand with their first-rate management and contract staff to provide top-notch products delivered on time and tailored to the client’s needs.

As committed members of the British Constructional Steel Association, Newbridge Engineering actively support the development of erection and fabrication techniques, national specifications, industry efficiency, health & safety and quality assurance. So for all of your design, manufacture, paint and erection of structural steel fabrications needs, Newbridge’s premium services are available and a site visit is highly recommended. The address can be found on their website.

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