Earlier this month the team at Zebra Internet Services expressed their thoughts on why a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is beneficial for business owners. Our VPS’ live in data centres, which is how we ensure the integrity of your information. This week we are going to explore the benefits of collocating your mission critical data in data centres as opposed to in-house systems, as offered by our Zebra Internet Services team.

Maximise Business Potential: Not every business has the technical skills and infrastructure to operate servers from their office space, and having a techie with ample knowledge of such systems is essential. Ask yourself – if your server were to crash, or you had a power cut, would you be at risk of losing valuable data?

A business needs to carefully look at their infrastructure before committing to housing their own server. Collocating to a datacentre instead ensures your data has access to crucial power solutions, including diverse power feeds and distribution paths, constant monitoring of the system and various cooling systems to protect the servers from overheating.

Whilst the initial cost of colocation can seem unnecessary to businesses, adding that extra layer of security and safety actually makes it a much more cost effective option should anything go wrong.

Backing up data can also be easily overlooked if you manage your server in-house. At Zebra Internet Services, the data on your servers can be regularly saved, so if you lose any important data, our expert team are able to restore it from the point of the last back up.

Securely Located:
Data centres are considered highly secure and safe locations. This maximises security of your infrastructure; typically a data centre has 24/7 security, as well as the relevant specs to ensure the protection of your data at all times.

Data centres are fully prepared for incidents such as power cuts. They often have large banks of power and batteries which keep the electricity flowing whilst a power failure is fixed.

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