Managing an e-commerce business from home can be tough sometimes, as your business grows so do your stock levels. What used to be a tidy spare room in your home with all of your products in neat boxes, now looks like someone has been wrapping hundreds of Christmas presents with sellotape, sticky labels and packaging everywhere, with not much management of your products.

If this sounds like you, have you thought about using an order fulfilment service such as The Storage Place, based in Gateshead in the North East of England. They offer a simple, cost-effective and effective service to ensure your products reach your customers in an efficient manner. The Storage Place has a 60,000 square-foot secure warehouse, so whatever size your business, from home-based to a heavy industrial company, you are almost guaranteed that there is room for your stock.

There’s just five simple steps to the order fulfilment process which are highlighted below.

Firstly you send your stock to the Storage Place, upon arrival all of your stock will be entered in the fully integrated, cloud based Warehouse Management System (WMS). From here your products will be stored in their clean, dry, secure facilities in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Your products are managed through the WMS which shows your changing stock levels, from this you can manage and reorder certain goods.

Once a customer orders a product, The Storage Place will process the order for you. Whether a customer purchases a product from eBay, Amazon or your own e-commerce marketplace, the integrated multi-channel software can fulfil orders from many sales channels.

After the order is processed the team at The Storage Place will pick your products from the warehouse and pack them into your required packaging. Products can also be sent either individually or as pallets of boxes depending on the size of the order.

Finally, your products are shipped, using one of the many UK carriers including Royal Mail, DHL and ParcelForce, meaning your items can be shipped both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in using the order fulfilment service offered by The Storage Place, please visit for more details and pricing.