Forklift trucks have been part of industrial development and sustainability of the construction industry for decades, and perform vital functions for thousands of businesses across the UK.

The forklift today is a staple item of machinery, with the ability to satisfy multiple purposes and uses within the construction and warehousing industries.

It wasn’t until World War 1 that the development of complete material handling equipment like forklifts really began to progress. Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies of Ipswich were one of the first companies in the UK heavily involved in such development, and largely contributed to the style and function we see from operational forklifts today. It was the US that introduced hydraulic and electric power to the industry, as well as standardised pallets prior to the start of World War 2.

When war broke out for the second time, it was the humble forklift that again increased in popularity, a drive which continued even after the end of military action in 1945. Warehouse storage and efficiency saw an even greater demand for the machine, leading to the arrival of many new companies that opted to manufacture the forklift as their leading source of revenue.

In the late 1960s, the safety of forklift trucks was addressed, and features such as load back rests, operator cages and guards were steadily introduced. Development in the 80s focussed heavily on comfort and ergonomic design for the forklift user, and in the 90s environmental concerns and emissions were addressed. Arguably, the forklift truck has had one of the most progressive development timelines in the machinery sector, and nowadays, AC power and fuel cell technology mean that this is still continuing.

The aptly named Complete Material Handling Ltd are known in the North East for their supply and sale of high-quality, reliable forklifts from a range of highly reputable brands such as Toyota, UTILEV, CAT, Nissan, Genie and TMC. Deeply knowledgeable in matters concerning the upkeep and servicing of forklifts, Complete Material Handling are a strong source for businesses looking to buy or hire a forklift. CMH also offer comprehensive forklift training, with instructors qualified to RTITB and ITSSAR standards.

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