This Sunday, in the United States its national cupcake day. We think this day should be an international event as many people have a soft spot for cake. Gathering ingredients to make the perfect cupcake can be a tough task as you want to create the most delicious treats to share with your family and friends. Chocolat Lovers, a luxury online chocolate boutique, offer a range of luxury chocolate bars and treats which are perfect to mix in with your ingredients or to add as a topping to your cakes.

Cupcakes date back to 1796 where Amelia Simmons, wrote in American Cookery, that cakes can be baked in small cups. However, the first recorded term of ‘cupcake’ was in 1828 in Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook. Cupcakes, also known as ‘fairy cakes’ and ‘patty cakes’ in the UK were originally baked in heavy pottery cups. Some traditional bakers today still use single ramekins, small coffee mugs and other small ovenproof dishes to bake cupcakes.

If you are looking for chocolate to mix within your cupcake mix, Chocolat Lovers have a range of quality brand chocolates on their site including Seed & Bean, Schokolat and Gorvett & Stone. Seed & Bean offer luxury organic chocolate bars which are perfect to melt in a bowl and combine with your cake mixture. The bars are available in a range of unique flavours such as Tangerine Milk, Sicilian Hazelnut Dark Chocolate and Raspberry & Vanilla Creamy White Chocolate Bars. However, if it’s a difficult choice to choose which flavour there are luxury chocolate hampers to choose from such as The Favourites Collection and The Ultimate Collection.

On the other hand if you are after some chocolate toppings, the luxury chocolate company offer a range of treats. The organic chocolate online chocolate buttons from MULU are ideal for decorations on your cupcakes. They are made with natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients so you can feel that little bit better when indulging in more than one cake! The Java Single Origin Milk Chocolate Thins are perfect to crumple up in to small pieces with each hand-made piece beautifully designed.

Chocolat Lovers offer a wide range of chocolate treats for your cakes, so order today in time for the US event. However if you miss this date, you can always host your own cupcake party. Visit to view the full collection.