For some schools, they may have already broken up for the summer, however, for many primary and secondary schools across the UK their official summer holidays don’t start until Friday 24th July.

Some school pupils may be taking the leap from their last year in primary school and heading into secondary school come September, it can be an emotional time as we have all experienced; throughout your early childhood you will have gained some lifelong skills which will only improve as you get older. Similarly, some school children will be off to sixth form and college, this is an even bigger step as you start to branch out and make new friends and leave behind the help and support from your teachers.

There is a way to show your appreciation though and that’s to offer them a gift that’s a bit different to their usual collection of pens, diaries and flowers, and that is a chocolate gift from Chocolat Lovers, a luxury online chocolate boutique. They have an extensive range of luxury chocolates on their online shop with something to suit everyone; from white to dark, organic to raw, there will be something to tickle your teacher’s taste buds.

To start with, Chocolat Lovers offer Cinnamon Marshmallows coated in the finest of French chocolate using locally source fresh cream and honey to give the Gorvett & Stone treats a unique yet very appealing taste.

Another favourite for the teachers is the Italian style Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate bar, created by grinding only hazelnuts with heritage cocoa; this chocolate bar is perfect served with a double espresso as it melts as soon as it hits your mouth.

Perfect for any Charles Lutwidge Dogson fan (commonly known as Lewis Carroll), Chocolat Lovers offer a Mad Hatter 3 Bar luxury gift set. Produced by the Fairy Tale Gourmet, an award-winning, London-based company who are the leaders of innovation for both luxury chocolates and desserts, you have the choice of three brownies to include in your set. Some of the flavours include Caramel Craze, a milk caramel brownie surrounded by 40% cocoa milk chocolate. On the other hand, you can choose the Mindless Mint, a peppermint cream brownie which is covered in 70% dark chocolate.

That is just a few of the many chocolate gift ideas available online at Chocolat Lovers, so whatever your teacher’s chocolate preference, you are bound to find something for them. For more information regarding the products above, or to view any other products, please visit www.