Improve your websites search listing with a traffic building mini site from Domaincheck.

With over 90% of internet users selecting a site listed on the first page of Google, a high rank for your website means a higher potential of visitor traffic.

Online reputation management team Domaincheck have introduced a range of ‘mini websites’ that can help feed traffic to your main site, and improve your rank in the search engines.

For just £25 per year, your website will be hosted, attributed to Domaincheck ’s content management system (CMS) and keyword rich domain name, and listed on 6 relevant directories, many of which are leaders in particular industries.

Each site comes with built in search optimisation tools , including meta data, title tags, and alt text, all of which focus on specific keywords that directly relate to your business.

Choose from a selection of readymade templates, or speak to the design team who can build you your own custom template for a one off design and setup fee. The mini site includes a standard content ready page, a links page, and a contact form which you can personalise and direct to the relevant department.

The mini sites are managed through a secure control panel that allows you to login and quickly update your sites content from anywhere with an internet connection.

For more information on a custom mini website for just £25 per year including hosting, or to explore other services from Domaincheck SEO, visit .