Having been in the industrial business for over 14 years, Complete Material Handling are the people to go to if you’re looking for new forklifts in Tyneside. To match their excellent customer service, CMH can help you when looking for different material handling equipment, depending on what your project needs. With a variety of forklifts for sale, you’ll be able to find the best machines for the best prices and when your project has reached completion, CMH can also assist when selling your fork truck on.

If you’re currently looking for cheap forklifts Newcastle, CMH have a fantastic range of second hand forklifts, which are available throughout Tyneside. These have been fully tested through CMH’s thorough forklift repair service, so you don’t have to compromise on quality. If you’re looking for counter balance trucks, the Caterpillar GP20N could be ideal for you. From only £32 per week, this truck has a slide shift attachment and a 3700mm lift height and 2000Kgs capacity. The design and size of counter balance trucks means that they are a versatile machine, and can be driven straight to the location of the load so no reach facility is required. If you’re looking for something that can take on a heavier weight, the Linde H45T counter balance truck is available from £55 a week, exclusively from CMH. Where it has all the advantages of a counter balance machine, this differs from the GP20N as it has a lift height of 5800mm and a capacity of 4500Kgs, making it the ideal choice for larger projects.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to purchase a fork truck at all, CMH can also offer forklift hire, from locations throughout County Durham. These would be more suited to short-term projects that are not heavily reliant on forklift services. Here, you will be able to liaise directly with CMH to discuss the duration of the rental, and any budgetary issues. If needed, CMH will also be happy to offer forklift driver training, so your team will be completely confident when handling these machines in the safest way possible.

For more information on services from Complete Material Handling, please visit the website at http://completematerialhandling.co.uk.

Content supplied by Emma Bolland