Brand new for summer 2016, North East Sheets and Panels (NESP) have added new colours to the Mistral worktops range that are guaranteed to give your customers kitchens a refreshed, stylish look for the new season.

As one of the top Mistral worktop suppliers in the UK, NESP hold stock of all 20 colours for quick delivery. If your customers are looking for dark tops to add dynamic edges to their room, Mistral’s Orion worktop blends a stunning jet black background with silver flecks for a minimal style that would suit a variety of kitchens. If your customers tastes leans towards a lighter look, Mistral’s Lunas worktop may suit their needs better, with soft tones that give a clean and fresh feel without being too stark.

With every Mistral product, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’re fitting a worktop that is pure solid surface and does not contain chipboard. The strong surface means that there will be no visible joints left following the installation process.

If any general wear and tear marks do affect the quality of the worktop, these can be gently buffed away using the care and maintenance that we recommend you leave with your customer. The shape and layout of your client’s kitchen need never be an issue with the limitless design options available. This is due to the ability to curve and shape every worktop without any end-capping, leaving you with totally bespoke worktops that will flow through the space seamlessly.